Long Time No See! お久しぶり!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016   

Dear reader, sorry for neglecting this blog!

Actually I've written bits and pieces of my 2015 June Japan trip, but I haven't been able to finish them even till now. I know, I'm really useless. ;_;! Sorry!

As for my 2016 May Japan trip, I just got back so I need some time to put everything together. This time, I'll make sure to finish my 9-day blogs. *punches air with fist*

Actually, I've travelled to KL x∞, Johor, Langkawi, Taipei x3 and Bangkok too, but I didn't write them down..(≧∇≦)


Here's an index to all my Japan trips!

2013, 16 to 31 August - Sendai + Sapporo + Osaka + Tokyo, Japan


2014, 11 to 17 April - Hiroshima + Tokyo, Japan


2015, 12 to 19 June - Tokyo, Japan
(These entries aren't done yet x.X Please wait more than "a while"(≧∇≦))


2016, 6 to 14 May - Nagoya + Kyoto + Osaka + Tokyo, Japan
(These entries aren't done yet x.X)



8 years
= a NEWS fan since 2008, 19 Feb

8 concerts
= 2013, 23 & 24 August - Happy Con 幸福魂
= 2014, 12 & 13 April - Seishun Con 青春魂
= 2015, 13 & 14 June - White Con 純白魂
= 2016, 7 & 8 May - Quartetto Con 四奏魂

7 cities
= Sendai
= Sapporo
= Tokyo
= Osaka
= Hiroshima
= Nagoya
= Kyoto

4 trips
= 2013, 16 to 31 August
= 2014, 11 to 17 April
= 2015, 12 to 29 June
= 2016, 6 to 14 May

1.5 months
= 2013, 16 to 31 August - 16 days
= 2014, 11 to 17 April - 7 days
= 2015, 12 to 19 June - 8 days
= 2016, 6 to 14 May - 9 days

1 love


0 regrets

I love you, Japan & NEWS.

♥ ♤ ♥


Friday, 1 January 2016   


2015 was quite an awesome year!(≧∇≦)

2015 YAYs:
  1. Received お土産 from my Hyphen friend
  2. Attended Milkcow soft launch and managed to meet my busy friend
  3. Passed JLPT N2 with 85+% (flying colours?!)
  4. Finally opened a new POSB savings account!
  5. Finally met choir peepz up during pre-CNY dinner
  6. Tegomass concert DVD was finally announced for official release!
  7. Received many presents from friends for my birthday! THANKZ!
  8. Received help for buying KAGUYA shop photos! THANKZ!
  9. Received postcard & parcel from a Tego-kaguya who lives in Sydney! THANKZ!
  10. My middle sister's ROM
  11. Designed and handmade Tegomass no Seishun screening poster and notebooks as door gifts
  12. 4 vs X broadcast!
  13. Tegomass no Seishun concert DVD was finally released!
  14. Started Chinese tuition with a P3 boy
  15. Went to Tokyo in June!
  16. Attended NEWS LIVE TOUR 2015 White on 13 & 14 June!
  17. Went to Tokyo Disney Sea! First time in my life!
  18. Received help in buying Chumuchumu! Thankz!
  19. Arashi WAKU WAKU Gakkou
  20. Met up with long-time-no-see Japanese friend
  21. Singapore 50th Birthday! Finally went Science Centre!
  22. Watched movie alone for the 2nd time, for Assassination Classroom!
  23. Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary in Singapore Marina Bay Sands! I went to 3 shows! IT WAS TOO AWESOME! Hikaru-kun waved back to us too!(≧∇≦)And we were interviewed by a staff-san!
  24. Finally met up in real life with my Taiwanese fellow Kaguya friend!
  25. NEWS' song, Yonjuushi, was the theme song for Kindaichi Returns 2 anime! It is also a brand new kind of music which used classical music as base, orchestra music as instrumental arrangement and pop singers as vocals!
  26. Friend helped her aunt to sell iPhone 5s to me!
  27. Satou Takeru came to Singapore to promote BAKUMAN!
  28. Visited my bestest friend and her 19-day-old newborn baby!
  29. Koki came to Singapore to perform as the vocalist of INKT and we took a photo together!
  30. Saw Tutorial live in AFA! Too bad we didn't manage to take a photo with them!
  31. Received help from a friend about my future.
  32. Finally spammed all my money on buying cupboards for my small, pathetic and messy room!
  33. Finally tidied up my room! Still in progress though, not 100% yet, lol
  34. My sister finally moved in with her husband into their first flat
  35. Celebrated christmas in her house~
  36. Celebrated christmas with my Sec 3 & 4 friends and that was when we decided to go to Langkawi in February 2016!
  37. Star Wars 7th movie was finally a reality! XD Been waiting for it for sooooooooo long!
  38. Went to JB with YZ and WX (first time going there with them!)
2015 BOOs:
  1. Bought Sony Xperia Z3, one of biggest regrets in my life
  2. Our founding father left us for heaven ;_;
  3. The people owing me money still did not give me the money.. ;_;! I'm so bad at chasing debts for myself!
  4. Of course I missed a lot of movies again.. ;_;!
  5. Junno announced his resignation on national TV while I was having dinner in Marché with my best friend and secondary 1 & 2 friends..
  6. Managed to lose my Rilakkuma ez-link card 6 days after purchasing it. Best right? -_-"
  7. Didn't take JLPT N1 in December..
  8. Didn't get a bonus nor a salary increment at the end of the year..
  9. Skin just got worse and worse..
  10. Didn't have the perseverance to finish typing all my blogs for 2015 June Tokyo trip..
  11. Didn't get to cross to 2016 with my family.. I was home alone, haha
2015 Resolution & Goals CHECKLIST:
  1. ✗☹ Flourish my business and live in Japan!
  2. ✗☹ Slim down!
  3. ✗☹ Buy all the things I want and need, watch all the movies I want!
  4. ✗☹ Take the JLPT N1 test!
  5. ✓✌ Tidy up my room.
  6. ✗☹ Bring my parents to Japan!
  7. ✗☹ I don't think I can get attached anymore but let me just put it here: Get a boyfriend
  8. ✓✌ Attend NEWS concert!
  9. -- Attend Tegomass concert!
✓ = 2
✗ = 6
- = 1

2015 Overall and Hopes For 2016:

I must say 2015 was quite an awesome year. It was steady at the beginning, learning how the school system works and just going with the flow. It was also an okay year for NEWS~! I managed to attend NEWS concert in Tokyo Dome for both days and it's my first time in such a huge venue and my first time attending an all-last concert! IT WAS AWESOME! I LOVE NEWS SO MUCH!!!!!!! Plus the fact that Takki decided to celebrate his 10th Kabuki year in Singapore~~! Everyone was so impressed and we immediately bought our third show together, haha! Arashi WAKU WAKU Gakkou was held again, this time in 2 halls, but Arashi could no longer see us.. ;_; Takeru came to Sentosa to meet all of us, avid BAKUMAN fans and Japanese culture lovers! Also, Sundown Festival managed to get INKT to perform here! It was a very exciting and busy year end for us!

I hope that 2016 will be an even better year for me and for NEWS too! I need to work more and earn more money! (≧∇≦) I also need to continue tidying up my room so that it's no longer messy!!!!! XD

In 2016, I hope to achieve what I set out to do last year and more!

2016 Resolution & Goals:
  1. Attend NEWS concert!
  2. Attend Tegomass 10th Anniversary Concert!
  3. Take JLPT N1?
  4. Bring my parents to either Taiwan again or Japan!
  5. Slim down
  6. Cure my eczema
  7. Get more tutees, at least 4 in total
  8. Continue to tidy up my room
  9. Get a boyfriend? Too difficult in Singapore though..
Once again..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! 明けましておめでとう!

May you realise your goals and dreams too! Let's work hard together!


♥ ♤ ♥

I Passed JLPT N2! 合格した!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015   

The first time I took JLPT, was some years ago - December of 2011. It was N3 and I took it alone. I waited for the results letter to arrive in March 2012. I was overjoyed with my results! I got around 87+%! I got A for both Grammar and Vocabulary!

Even before I took my N3 test, I already stopped going for lessons. I finished the N3 course. I didn't know I'd end up not going for lessons for so many years since then!

Last year, I decided I should take the N2 test even though I hadn't been to any classes at all and had stopped translating Jweb entries. So I signed up and took the test in December 2014. This time, I had many friends who were taking the JLPT together! The venue was the same as the last time I took it - SMU. Though my friends were in different rooms taking different levels, I felt happy enough to know that they're in the same place as me.

A few days ago, I saw on FB that one of my friends passed her N2! I was like, "That's great! But how did she know? I didn't receive any letter!"

Then on another day, my friend Instagram-ed her N3 results - full marks! Wow! Even better than me! And she self-studied all the way! Really amazing! But how did she get the results?! I started to get a bit worried so I tweeted my worries.

My friends replied me and helped me lots! Just click on the tweet link to see their replies!

And so I went to check my results after digging my room for my test voucher and my memory for the password. I have bad memory XD

I PASSED N2!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! 85+%! A for both Grammar and Vocabulary and full marks for listening test!! OMG!! XD

I really didn't expect to pass! As you can see, the first paper was difficult for me this time as compared to the last time, because I didn't study the words. I only listened to radio and watched Japanese TV. Plus, reading Japanese tweets. Lol. "Reading" is actually comprehension. N3 comprehension was tricky for me, 3 years ago. But strangely, N2 comprehension was okay, not so tricky! XD

Listening test was easy and funny! Our leader's name "Koyama-san" popped up and we got a little distracted there, lol! XD

Though I didn't get full marks, I'm very happy with my results already! Maybe I have to put more effort in writing the words so that I can do better for Paper 1, lol!! XD

Next will be N1.. OMG.. The ultimate test.. Scary! XD But of course, I'll work hard and do my best, as always. ^_~

合格できるなんてびっくりした!(≧∇≦)もし大学卒業したら、すぐ日本に飛んで仕事探す!でも、大学生じゃなかった…( ;´Д`)妹たちのために、専門学校を卒業して、すぐに就職して、家庭計をサポートして来ている。その犠牲は妹たちがわかるかな?( ;´Д`)





♥ ♤ ♥


Thursday, 1 January 2015   


Yearly post, lol.. XD

2014 YAYs:
  1. Attended my first Tegomass concert! In Hiroshima! With my fellow paana (kaguyahime) friends!
  2. Made new friends in Japan!
  3. Rested for half a year~ I love not working!
  4. Friends really bought me what I wanted for my birthday! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♡♡♡♡
  5. Finally tried Jamie's Italian during Christmas! 美味しかった!また行きたくてもっと色んな料理を食べたい!
  6. Took JLPT N2 and I wasn't alone this time! It's great to be in this fandom together!
  7. Fandom friends also helped me with buying concert goods too! ♡♡♡♡
  8. Made new paana friends online and offline and I love them to bits! ♡♡♡♡
  9. Bashed a lot of money buying what I wanted and I have no regrets!
  10. My sisters finally found jobs that they are likely not gonna quit from soon
  11. Watched a lot of Japanese drama and variety shows! Thankz to my dear friend!
  12. Managed to do some freelance work but one of them did not pay me
  13. Reinforced the long-forgotten fact that I actually have a mind and flair for business, lol
  14. Found my 9th full-time job in December..
  15. Exchanged postcards with a fellow paana who is from Hokkaido! Her art is so nice!
  16. Watched some of the movies I really wanted to watch!
2014 BOOs:
  1. My 7th full-time job crashed and burned because the company was dying
  2. My 8th full-time job was one of my worst jobs ever
  3. Used up my entire savings by the end of the year
  4. Gotten even fatter, omg! ;_;!
  5. Missed a lot of movies because I have no money and no friends
  6. Managed to have two people owing me a lot of money, I hope they give the $$ to me SOON
  7. Brinkster deleted all my websites and stuff! I used it for 11 years and it betrayed me like this?! PLEASE DO NOT USE BRINKSTER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FIND YOUR STUFF MISSING WITHOUT PERMISSION!
  8. Found my 9th full-time job in December and have to get stuck for one full year, omg.. MY FREEDOM IS TAKEN AWAY!
  9. Missed the wedding lunch of one of my friend because I have no money to attend, I'm so sorry! ;_;!
2014 Resolution & Goals CHECKLIST:
  1. ✗☹ Be attached.
  2. ✓✌ Flourish my "business". A lot.. XD
  3. ✓✌ Earn more money!
  4. ✗☹ Sleep at 11pm! Lol..
  5. ✓✌ Be healthier.
  6. ✗☹ Slim down.
  7. ✗☹ Tidy up my room.
  8. ✗☹ Bring my parents to Japan!
  9. ✓✌ Watch Tegomass concert in Spring!
  10. -- Watch NEWS concert!
  11. ✓✌ Take N2 test!
✓ = 5
✗ = 5
- = 1

2014 Overall and Hopes For 2015:

Bad year. Bad, bad year. I was so super poor! Nothing went right! Even though I finally found a new job at the end of the year, it's such a restrictive job that I can't get used to. I'm a no-rules kind of person and I do not observe rules, in fact, I absolutely hate and despise rules. I guess that's why I'm in the design line. Though I suit teaching, I do not suit a school working environment. Hopefully I can get though 2015 unscathed and a few thousand dollars richer, lol!! I don't love money, but I love what it brings me. XD

In 2015, I hope to achieve what I set out to do last year!

2015 Resolution & Goals:
  1. Flourish my business and live in Japan!
  2. Slim down!
  3. Tidy up my room!
  4. Buy all the things I want and need, watch all the movies I want!
  5. Bring my parents to Japan!
  6. Take the JLPT N1 test!
  7. I don't think I can get attached anymore but let me just put it here: Get a boyfriend
  8. Attend NEWS concert!
  9. Attend Tegomass concert!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! 明けましておめでとう!

May you realise your goals and dreams too! Let's work hard together!


♥ ♤ ♥

Christmas Eve 2014

Wednesday, 24 December 2014   

What Use Does My Talents Have In This Mercenary Country?

Sunday, 23 November 2014   

I don't know if you have the same troubles as me in your life. I have always had a hard life starting when I entered Primary 6 at 12 years old. Every trouble is big at the time of occurrence, so don't say troubles of other people are smaller than your own.

Have you ever thought about the impact on this world of what you are doing in your life? How does entering all those data into the Excel sheet while sitting 8 hours a day in your office help this world? How does balancing those accounts in your office for 14 hours a day help this world?

I don't understand how my design for exhibition booths selling weapons, ammunition and war machines can help this world, so I quit my job. I felt awful for having been a part of that, I felt so ashamed to help sell things that can kill people! I was so afraid! So I quit my job. I hate that place for subjecting me to having to do that job, I HATE THEM!

I want a job that I can be proud of having and I want it to be a job that can help people. I have many talents but in a super small country like Singapore which only looks at money, job choices are often limited to things that have high salaries like bankers, doctors, lawyers, etc, which is why I can't find a job that fits me.

I have talents that won't fetch me money. That's the number one job killer in Singapore.

I don't know how to monetise my talents, can you please tell me what kind of jobs need my skills?

Arts and Crafts

Meticulous, detailed (only when it comes to crafts), skilful, idea-producing-machine, resourceful, inventive, improvise-ability, working within and without limits, etc. I love scrapbooking and making little things, or even big things. I love interior designs and furniture arrangement. That's why I love designing websites. It's all about using the spaces available.

How this talent helps the world: By creating interesting designs, people receive inspiration. By creating revolutionary educating tools for young children, they can develop specific skills with more options. By creating a great environment to live in, every aspect of life will be enhanced. Etc and all these will in turn create better human beings who are more efficient and more productive.

Employ me!

Almost Perfect Mandarin Pronunciation with a Voice That's Chosen..

..by the radio DJs in the most famous radio channel in SG. I was one of the chosen students for a student reporter segment on the channel. I managed only to record two reports before they shut the programme down. I didn't even manage to listen to my own voice for the second report and it was on my birthday, I was so sad. ;_;!

Now that I'm so old, I don't know how to apply to be a DJ. And I don't listen to English and Mandarin songs, I only listen to Japanese songs. I know nothing about both countries' recent entertainment industries but I know a lot about the Japanese entertainment industry.

I've always been very interested in the media industry.. I should've taken the Mass Comm course when I was 16 -_-" I was so scared back then and I truly regretted my wrong decision of going to SP now.

How this talent helps the world: By speaking in perfect Mandarin and presenting it in a fun and cool way, hopefully youngsters will be more inspired to speak their mother tongue better and even attract non-Chinese to learn our language and culture! By speaking in perfect Mandarin, conveying news reports will be more efficient as listeners will be focused on the news itself instead of the mistake the presenter just made.

So, employ me!!

Excellent English Pronunciation and Being a Grammar Nazi

I was also a language teacher for both Chinese and English for a few years, so I have very good pronunciation for English as well. I get very irritated when I see common mistakes being taken as the correct form, for example: "Revert vs Reply". Argh!

How this talent helps the world: Teach children to the best of my ability and hopefully help children be more confident in using and understanding English in this world other than our own country. Through the use of an international language, people can make friends, learn new things, make meaningful events and campaigns, volunteer, travel, study, pass on knowledge, etc.

Industrial Talents and Skills like HTML, CSS, Flash, filming, recording, designing, editing video and audio, etc. I have them all! But look where I am now? Nowhere.

Teaching. For about 4 years, I probably taught slightly less than 1000 children from babies as young as 7 months old to children as old as 10 years old.

I can also sing, dance, make people laugh, make people happy, be a good sport, make people feel welcomed.. But what monetary values do these talents have? They have value in my life, talents with invisible values that I'm proud to have. ;_;! Living is an art, it's hard, it's long and full of tests for no purposes.

But in the end of having so many talents and past jobs, I achieved nothing. People still think I look like a 21-year-old fresh graduate. People/friends with/without babies don't trust me when I give them sound advices about anything just because I have no children of my own, or I earn lesser money than them, or I have no degree, or I have no status in the society, etc. Why do I have to prove myself over and over again? It's so tiring. And it's also very tiring to always have to say this in the end, "See? I told you so! You should have listened to me in the first place."

The main point of this rant post is: I need a job that is able to let me use my talents.




♥ ♤ ♥

Pisces - What's Gonna Happen in November 2014

Saturday, 1 November 2014   

I've always been interested in Astrology. How the position of the planets and other elements affect our personality and life when we were born. It was decided upon you the moment you arrive on Earth. That's not to say that you can't change and shape your life into what you want. Astrology is a guide. I like astrology for analysing people's personalities. We are not only made up of the Sun Signs (according to the date you were born), we also have Rising Sign, Houses and Planets. The more details you know about your birth chart, the more accurate you can analysis a person's personality. Why is knowing a person's personality is important? If you know yourself very well, you can achieve greatness in a way that only you can. If you know another person very well, you can decide whether he/she is Mr/Miss Right for you. Sometimes, you may wonder why that couple of Aries + Taurus (obviously "not suitable") can work so well together till old age but that couple of Aquarius + Gemini (obviously "suitable") can't. Their Sun Signs don't determine everything. Maybe the planets and signs in their birth charts just somehow match. In the end, I like analysing people and their behaviour. Haha..

Though I've never believed fortune telling or preview of what's gonna happen to Pisceans in a certain month, I was introduced to this funny and positive astrologer called Kelley Rosano. I watched her Pisces October 2014 video and I was blown away. She talked about things I've never told anyone about and also gave great advices that sound like they are particularly for my situation! I've been up to something and I haven't told anyone yet at that time because I'm the type of person who doesn't say anything before I achieved success with it. So I was absolutely blown away by what she said. Thankz to her, I became more certain that the path I'm taking is the right one and I have more belief in what I'm doing than before! I give up easily because I like to start projects but I don't have the patience to follow through to the end. So this time, I told myself that I MUST NOT GIVE UP.

If you are interested in knowing what I'm up to, you can always click here.

So, here comes the November analysis for Pisces. It reveals stuff for me to be happy about and also to be wary about. It's all so exciting! October, November and December 2014 sounds like a good ending for Year 2014 for me! I don't know if you know, but 1 June to 30 Sept was really bad for me. So I'm really grateful and excited now!

Kelley Rosano is so funny, right? She has the ability to inject action fluid into me such that I want to get something going, get into action and DO SOMETHING! She's really quite amazing!

So now, let me go plan out the actions necessary to make my dreams come true!

Start doing yours too! ^_~v

♥ ♤ ♥

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